Holiday Safety Tips

by Natasha Kasbekar

Holidays are a wonderful time for families to gather and celebrate together. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, here are a few safety reminders to keep in mind. We hope all our families have a joyous holiday season and wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year!

Holiday Safety Tips:


-Trees:  For artificial trees, look for the “fire resistant” label. For real trees, make sure they are as fresh as possible and that the stand is filled with water to prevent the tree from drying out indoors. Dried out trees are a fire hazard.

-Lights: Check all lights for frayed or exposed wires and loose bulbs. Make sure cords are out of reach from small children. Lights should be turned off when no one is home.

-Ornaments & trimmings: Make sure all small or sharp ornaments cannot be reached by small children. Small and colorful ornaments that look like candy should also be kept out of reach. Tree trimmings should also have a “fire resistant” label.



-Mugs with hot beverages or bowls with hot food should be kept off the edges of tables where little hands can reach over and topple them.

-Make sure electric cords for coffee makers or crock pots cannot be pulled on by toddlers.

-After gatherings be sure to put away uneaten food and beverages that are accessible to young children.



-Many electronics (cell phones, remotes, hearing aids, flashlights, watches, toys) have small round button batteries. These lithium batteries are a serious health risk if they are swallowed. Within two hours of ingestion, these batteries can cause severe burns and permanent damage to the esophagus. Immediate medical attention is required if button battery ingestion is at all suspected.

-Small magnets can also be a very serious health problem if ingested. These magnets are very powerful and can cause tears in the intestines.

-Toys with small parts that may be suitable for older children are a choking risk for kids that are too young to handle them.  Continue to make sure that the younger children cannot access such toys.



-Fireplace:  Make sure that all greens, paper, and decorations are out of the way before lighting a fire in the fireplace.

-Candles:  Candles should never be placed on a tree. Make sure they are not in areas where they can easily be knocked over, and that they are blown out before leaving the house.

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