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Kids’ Health Partners follows the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics for routine preventive health visits and recommended vaccinations. We feel that the safety and effectiveness of current vaccines is strongly supported by current research. The following is our recommended schedule for immunizations and checkups.

Click here to view the recommended schedule for immunizations and checkups.

Fever Information

Fever is a very common symptom in children. It is part of your child’s normal response to infections. Fever is defined as axillary (under the arm) temperature of 100.5°F. Oral (mouth) and rectal temperatures are generally a bit higher than axillary temperature. We recommend that you use a digital thermometer, and measure the temperature under the arm or orally first. Rectal temperature is the most accurate method for infants less than two months old. Ear (otic) thermometers are expensive and often inaccurate, so we do not recommend them.

Click here to read, download, and/or print information on fever in children, including recommended fever medicine dosages.

Benadryl Dosage Information

In some cases of mild allergic reactions or itchy rashes, it may be appropriate to give your child a dose of Benadryl (generic name- diphenhydramine). Please call our office to find out if this medicine is indicated for your child. Click here to read, download and/or print recommended Benadryl dosages.


Click here for breastfeeding information from La Leche League International.


What is asthma? What are the symptoms of asthma? Click here to download our facts sheet.

Do you have questions about using an inhaler? Click here to download special recommendations from our doctors for how to properly use an asthma inhaler.

Click here for information on asthma and common allergies from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

Car Seat Safety

Click here for current car seat safety recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Food Allergies

Click here to learn more about children’s food allergies from The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.


Click here for resources and tips for children’s dentistry from The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Summer Safety

Click here for summer safety tips for children playing outdoors.

Click here children’s summer sun and water safety information.

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