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Vitamins and Minerals

What are vitamins? Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition. They are not made by the human body so must be acquired through the diet. Only small quantities are necessary for normal functioning. Vitamins are … Continue reading

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Should kids have personal trainers?

For several years now there has been a lot of concern about the growing problem of childhood obesity and a focus on fitness. There are many options available to provide structured physical activity for kids, and it seems that hiring … Continue reading

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Passing on the Meat?

There are many reasons that people adopt vegetarian diets. Sometimes kids or teens decide on their own to make a change to a vegetarian diet. You can rest assured that vegetarian diets can be safe and healthy. Vegetarians tend to … Continue reading

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The Skinny on Low-Fat Milk

You may have heard a strange news story recently claiming that skim or low-fat (2%) milk was contributing to childhood obesity! This doesn’t seem to make sense at all! Why has this been in the news recently? Over the past … Continue reading

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