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A Few Words From Dr. Hager About Daycare And School Drop-Offs


Dr Hager offers tips to help ease your child’s transition into school or daycare. ...

A Few Words From Dr. Hager On Fever


Dr. Hager talks about when to be concerned about a fever and when not to be. ...

A Few Words From Dr. Hager On Parental Self Care


Now more than ever, it’s vital for parents to carve out time for self-care. ...

A Few Words From Dr. Kasbekar On The Flu Vaccine


Dr. Kasbekar talks about the flu vaccine in the time of coronavirus. ...

A Few Words From Dr. Hager On KHP Visits And Dental Visits


When should parents schedule a telehealth visit vs. an in person visit?
If you have high risk people at home should you still come in for well visits?
What is KHP’s opinion on scheduling dental visits?

A Few Words From Dr. Hager On Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)


What is MIS-C? How serious is it? How rare is it? ...

A Few Words from Dr. Hager on Children’s Immunity, Grandparent Visits & Rejoining Sports


Will our kids’ immune systems be lower after quarantine?
What are some safe practices when visiting grandparents?
Is it safe for our kids to rejoin sports teams?

A Few Words From Dr. Hager On How To Let Kids Play With Each Other Safely


A Few Words From Dr. Hager On How To Let Kids Play With Each Other Safely ...

A Few Words From Dr. Hager On Additional Illnesses During Quarantine


A Few Words From Dr. Hager On Additional Illnesses During Quarantine ...

A Few Words From Dr. Hager On Daycare


A Word From Dr. Hager On Day Care ...

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immune health

Immune Health

Q: How can I strengthen my child’s immune system? A: Working on several healthy lifestyle habits can help optimize immune function at any age. Areas to focus on are adequate sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise, and minimizing stress. Staying up to date on vaccines is also very important. Q: Are vitamins recommended? A: Only in...
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Spring Allergies

Despite the current freezing temperatures, spring is coming soon! At this point we are all looking forward to the warmer weather, more time outdoors, and blooming flowers! But for kids with spring allergies it can also mean annoying and uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Spring allergies are very common, affecting up to 10-15% of people. So, this...
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All toddler parents know the roller coaster of watching your kid do something completely adorable, followed by a flow of tears because you offered them breakfast on the orange plate, instead of the blue plate. What just happened? How do we, as parents, navigate this minefield of toddler tantrums?? Here are some of my favorite...
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keeping kids active

Keeping Our Kids Busy & Active

So I think it is safe to say that we are all getting bored of our current routines and our patience is probably growing thinner by the day. Now that the weather has gotten colder, it’s harder to think of activities to keep our kids busy and active. Please keep in mind – do NOT...
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family meals

Family Meals during a Pandemic

Quarantine has definitely brought us many challenges! I’m sure most of us are tired of being cooped up in the house all day with the same routine, but one benefit of quarantine is more opportunities for family time, including more frequent family meals! For those of you that have taken this opportunity to be more...
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How Do I Get My Kids To Sleep?!

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about sleep, both in younger kids and older teens. For toddlers and school-age kids, many are struggling with the transition back to school (whether online or in-person) and emerging from their bubble from the past several months. Some kids may be struggling with separation anxiety and...
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